United Car Loans is just a spam site.

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United Car Loan directly lies to applicants simply to get them to hand over all their information.I was researching places to get pre-approved for a car loan, and I have to use unorthodox places because my credit is less than perfect.

I found United Car Loans and they seemed about as legitimate as a website can be, and did some admittedly minimal research and everything seemed ok. I put in my zip code to see if this place had any dealers in my area and they said that they had not 1 or 2 or 3, but ELEVEN dealers in my area. I figured that surely between 11 dealerships I would be able to find a car for myself, so I filled out an application. At the end of the application they said they would contact me within 24 hours.

I waited 24 hours and no call, so I found a phone number and called them. Then I was told that there were ZERO dealers in my area and that they wouldn't be able to help. I would like to take this time to explain that I am fully aware of how marketing works and I understand that every business in America is slightly tricky with marketing, but most businesses use misleading language at the worst, not DIRECT lies. I realize that this isn't illegal, I just wanted everyone to know that this business is telling people that they have dealerships in your area to get you to give all your information to them and let them check your credit only to *probably* sell that information to businesses that exclusively spam emails and mailboxes.

I even think that they might not even do car loans, and this is just a wing of a spam business.

This is unethical at best, but i'm not inclined to be that forgiving, I believe it is simply dishonest and poor business ethics.Thank you for taking the time to read this, I only want other people to be spared the same lies and troublesome behavior that I was not.

Review about: Misleading Information.

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